Inside Italy – Tips for Driving in Italy

Inside Italy – Tips for Driving in Italy Inside Italy – Tips for Driving in Italy


You know we love a great road trip hereat Ecco Adventures! One of the best ways to explore Italy’s beautiful countryside is by hitting the road and exploring at your own time and pace. Here are some pointers and tips for driving in Italy:


Toll Roads

Italy has a number of different types of roads and among the fastest way to get from A to B is through usit their autostrada (highway). Keep an eye out for speed limits, enjoy the three, four, or five lanes for traffic and when you arrive to the toll plaza pay with your credit card or opt for cash. If you see Telepass, this is a term used for an Ez-pass style system of subscription payment.

International Drivers License

With a quick visit you your local AAA you can take your drivers license from domestic to international is 20 minutes or less! There is a small fee associated with the license however it is well worth the investment given rental agencies are more and more frequently requiring an international drivers license at the counter.


To park in Italy, all you need to do is follow these easy steps! When parking, note the color of the lines you are parking it. Blue, White, and Yellow indicate the type of spot.

Blue: Paid Parking
White: Free Parking (free limited time i.e. 2 hours, or free without restriction)
Yellow: Resident Only or Delivery

Blue-lined spots work like meters: purchase a ticket from an automatic Kiosk, select the time, and display the ticket on the dash. They usually take coins and credit cards.

White-lined spots require the use a disco orario (time disk) where you display the time you arrive. As your rented car most likely will not have one (typically located on the inside right of the windshield) take the liberty of being innovative: jot down the time of your arrival on a piece of paper and display it on the dashboard.

That’s it for now! A couple of tips to make your visit to Italy while driving even smoother. Have fun and safe driving!

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