Travel Tuesday–Why Traveling to Europe is Easier than Ever

Travel Tuesday–Why Traveling to Europe is Easier than Ever Travel Tuesday–Why Traveling to Europe is Easier than Ever

In recent years it’s become easier and more convenient to travel to Europe from North America. So just in case you needed another excuse to go on vacation… continue reading for easy travel to Europe!

  1. Cheap Flights

More and more budget airlines, such as WOW Airlines or Norwegian Air, have popped up servicing major US to Europe for as low as $79 one way. Plenty of affordable options also exist for traveling throughout the continent. Airlines such as Ryanair or EasyJet, can often be cheaper than traditional Eurorail options. Just make sure you read through the baggage rules so you don’t get dinged with extra fees as you check in!

  1. Easy Transportation by Land

We all know the classical image of traveling through Europe by train. But once you begin booking, the high ticket prices can quickly shatter the romanticized vision. Luckily, there are other simple, more affordable options to land travel throughout Europe. Flixbus, similar to Megabus in the US, is a cheaper alternative that is great for traveling between smaller towns. The slower pace gives you time to rest, see the countryside and meet others on your journey. BlaBlaCar is a carpool service that allows long distance drivers to offer spots in their car for others going on the same journey. Prices are often even cheaper than buses, and the intimate setting gives you an opportunity to get to know locals.

  1. Credit Cards

We covered why cash in Europe is still most widely used here, but even with its limitations, credit cards are more accepted nowadays than ever before. More companies are also offering credit cards with no foreign transaction fees, making them perfect for travel use.

  1. Airbnb

Another great way to travel like a local is to stay at Airbnb’s rather than hotels. These accommodations are often located away from tourist centers and offer a more realistic glimpse into everyday European life. Hosts can often also point you to the local dining spots or lesser known attractions. These hidden gems are places that you may never discover from travel guide books.

Hopefully these tips help convince you travel over to Europe. We’re here for you if you decide to travel authentically in Northern Italy–come discover Italy’s Lesser Known!

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