30 Second Italian - Summer Plans

30 Second Italian - Summer Plans 30 Second Italian - Summer Plans

Summer is coming soon and many Italians and Europeans are heading out of the city to the shores, mountains, and lakesides to cool off during July and August, the hottest months of the year. In this week’s 30 Second Italian, learn some essential phrases to help you say where you’re going and your future plans for visits this summer! Andiamo! (Let’s go)


This Summer (questa estate)

Questa estate – this summer

Io vado – I go

A Rimini – to Rimini

And all together…. “Questa estate io vado a Rimini

When you are going to a city or town you always use “a” before the city/town, for example a Napoli, a Roma, etc.

Tomorrow (domani)

To  describe your future plans, for example, you want to say: “Tomorrow I’m going to the sea” you use:

Domani – tomorrow

Io vado – I’m going

Al mare – to the sea

As a sentence, it becomes… “Domani io vado al mare

In this example you see the combination of the preposition “a” (to) with the masculine singular article “il” (the). Instead of “a il” it becomes “al

Today (oggi)

Oggi – Today

Io vado – I’m going

Alla festa di Mario – to Mario’s party

Combined it becomes…”Oggi io vado alla festa di Mario.”

In this case, you see “alla” used. As you might have guessed, this is the combination of the preposition “a” and the singular feminine article “la” (the). Instead of “a la” it become “alla”.

With these key Italian phrases, you can now put together a brief introduction and tell others what your summer plans are in Italy. Buon Viaggio!

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